Claire Cortese Photography | Angie + John's Romantic Portsmouth Engagements

Angie + John's Romantic Portsmouth Engagements

November 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Of the engagement shoots I've done with numerous couples thus far, nobody has dressed to the nines like Angie and John. Angie was a colleague of mine at Tilton School, so I was thrilled when she asked me to do an engagement session for her and her fiance, John. We spent an August afternoon walking through downtown Portsmouth and through the beautiful gardens of Prescott Park. As Angie lives in Tilton, New Hampshire, and John lives in the Netherlands (where they're set to be married in July 2018), they've been nurturing their connection across an entire ocean. But if anything, the physical distance between them only seems to have made them cherish every second they have together - I often felt like I was photographing a couple of blissfully love drunk teenagers - they spent the whole hour laughing together, tangled in each other's arms. 

You'll notice that Angie's ring is a deep Sapphire - there seems to be a trend emerging lately, straying from the traditional convention of diamond engagement rings, in favor of other stones. I couldn't be more excited about it - I think it exemplifies how couples are starting to break away from the constructed ideals of a traditional relationship, and celebrate their unique quirks and their own individual values. Love comes in many shapes and definitions; it looks different to everyone. So why not find a ring that fits the constructs of your own relationship more appropriately? 
















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