Alanna + Cole's Fort Foster Couples Session

July 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Alanna and I met our senior year at the University of New Hampshire, when I answered her ad on a university facebook page looking for a roommate. And thus, I found myself moving into a small apartment with three other girls that I had met all but once. I met Alanna's boyfriend, Cole, shortly after moving in. Cole didn't go to UNH, but he often came to visit Alanna on the weekends, and sometimes even during the week. Of everything I remember about them from that time, what stands out the most is how much they laughed while making dinner together. They're two adventurous, down-to-earth, creative people, and they are both filled to the brim with love. 

Alanna has always had an interest in photography, her father being an avid photographer himself. But a few months ago, Alanna expressed an interest to me in breaking into the wedding photography business. Of course, one of the most crucial elements when breaking into this line of work is building up your portfolio as much as possible. So, we grabbed our boyfriends, dressed them up, and decided to collaborate on a couples shoot. The four of us met at Fort Foster Park in Kittery, Maine, and spent an hour going back and forth shooting each other. This is the first shoot I've done like this - bouncing back and forth between being the photographer and the subject - and I can't express how incredibly fun it was. 

Going through the photos afterwards, the visual placeholder of Alanna and Cole's love really struck a cord within me. I recently posted a photo of them on instagram with a caption expressing this sentiment, but I'll leave it as well, to resonate with you as you look through the final product of the shoot. 

Love has a way of both taking your breath away, and giving you oxygen to breathe, all at once. People were never created to be singular beings. We are not meant to be alone. Not even the garden of Eden was enough for Adam - he needed Eve. It really doesn't matter what happens to you in this life, you can take on anything. Love will always be on your side. And moments like this one - moments filled with joy, and silliness, and laughter, and most of all, love - these are the marrow of life.



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