5 Reasons Why A Hammock Could Be The Best Thing You'll Ever Buy

June 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hammocking off the trail of Bald Knob, Moultonborough, New Hampshire


About a year ago, I bought my very first hammock. I was looking for a way to comfortably enjoy being in nature, without actually having to sit on the ground with the plethora of bugs that happen to inhabit the great outdoors. And boy, did I find it. I bring my hammock absolutely everywhere with me now - hiking, the beach, the park, even abroad!

Hammocks come in single or double occupancy, and can hold up to 400 pounds. After shopping around a bit, I chose a double occupancy hammock from Grand Trunk. Eagle Nest Outfitters is another great and very popular hammock company, however I chose Grand Trunk because their products are a little bit more affordable, and I read multiple reviews from other customers who were very pleased with their exceptional customer service.

Hammocks have become a blooming commodity in the travel and outdoor adventure community, and with good reason. It was the best $60 I have ever spent. Here’s why:


  1. They’re COMFORTABLE

For me, the only thing that tops being out in nature is being in my bed. Because let’s be honest – what’s the most comfortable place in the world? Your bed, duh. Now imagine combining the two – you can be in nature, AND you can be comfortable! You can’t exactly drag a mattress out into the woods with you, or lug a foldable chair whenever you go hiking. But you CAN bring a hammock, because they are both lightweight and compact. Hammocks weigh only about two pounds, and fit into a sack that is roughly the size of a pineapple. And boy, are these babies comfortable! I like to go for walks in the woods, and I always bring my hammock and end up reading out there for hours! Napping in a hammock is about as good as it gets when you’re on the go, and the double occupancy hammock very comfortably fits both me and my boyfriend.

Hammocking on the beach in Nassau, Bahamas!

  1. They’re EASY

Despite what some may assume, hammocks are actually incredibly easy to set up. I’m no boy scout, but it takes me less than five minutes to unpack my hammock and hook it up between a couple trees. The whole set up is really only the hammock, two carabineers and a couple ropes. My hammock even came with the knots pre-tied! Woohoo! Taking down your hammock is just as easy as setting it up. There’s no aggravating folding or rolling – just stuff it into the sack and you’re good to go!


  1. They’re AFFORDABLE

My double hammock from Grand Trunk cost about $60 - a very reasonable one-time price for a lifetime of outdoor comfort. However, you can find hammocks for even cheaper than that! Single occupancy hammocks tend to be a little bit cheaper than double occupancy hammocks.

Camped out in the college woods of Durham, New Hampshire for the day.

  1. They’re COLORFUL

Hammocks come in all kinds of fun colors, patterns and designs, so you’re sure to find something that suits your own personal style, whatever that may be – Rastafarian, neon, rainbow – you name it. You can even hang out in the American flag, if you want to.

OneMade American Flag HammockAvailable from Grand Trunk for $99.99


  1. They’re DURABLE and RELIABLE

I will never stop enjoying the shocked look on a person’s face when they see just how well my hammock holds up. For people who haven’t experienced the joy of hammocking yet, I can understand how there might be some skepticism. Every time I pull my flimsy hammock out of the stuff sack and set it up, my companion often delivers a reaction along the lines of “Will that hold you? Is it safe?” Well, yes actually. Want to climb in here with me? It’ll hold both of us! Hammocks are made out of incredibly durable and reliable parachute nylon, and they’re made to last.




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