Jon & Fabi's Museum Proposal and Boston Common Engagements

November 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Working with Jon and Fabiola was truly an incredible experience. These two people have such a real, genuine love story. When I asked Jon to tell me about his relationship with Fabi, he said: "'s been a love that I never thought existed. Something stronger than I've ever experienced. It's intense and amazing...She is everything to me...We don't want to waste anymore time without each other. It's crazy...We know we're loyal and committed, but we want more... We want that union. Definitely that "when you know,  you know" scenario."

Originally from Chicago, Jon planned to propose in late September, while they were on vacation in Boston. For this wonderful couple, I made a special exception, and laid in wait for the moment that Jon was ready. So I stayed on-call for several days, waiting for a text from Jon to say "today's the day!", at which point I would spring in to action and head to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, where Jon planned to propose. Finally, a few days into their trip, I got the green light from Jon in the morning. I packed up my gear, went to the museum, and hid behind a gated section that was branching off from the main corridor surrounding the courtyard. I watched and waited, and eventually Jon and Fabi rounded the corner, and as they came into the center arch, Jon turned to her and dropped down to one knee. Being in a museum, I couldn't use flash - but the resulting silhouetting gave the photos a much more romantic essence anyway. 

A few days later, I met Jon and Fabi at Boston Common for their engagement session on a sunny, albeit windy fall day. After spending just ten minutes with these two, it's clear as day how in love they are - and it shows in the photos. After spending some time in the Common, we made our way over to the historic Acorn Street, where we finished the session. I've been dying to do a shoot at Acorn Street, and I'm so glad that when I finally had the chance, it was with Jon and Fabi. 

Working with Jon and Fabi was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had yet. Getting to witness such an intimate, emotional moment between a couple is truly a privilege, but Jon and Fabi's powerful love made it so much more special. Jon and Fabi - I wish you all the best! 


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