When I was eleven-years-old, my dad gave me an old Nikon F film camera that he had used for many years. That single camera changed my life forever. After all of five minutes with it, I enrolled in my very first photography class - and the rest is history.


I am a New Hampshire native, lover of both the ocean and the mountains. I am completely dog obsessed, totally wanderlust stricken, and enjoy spending long hours hammocking. I love poetry, snowboarding, star-gazing, rock climbing, birkenstocks and baking. Oh, and I LOVE love. Every messy, chaotic, intoxicatingly beautiful bit of it.


I love to capture people candidly. Stiffly posed photos in which the subject just stands and smiles at the camera are really not my style of work. The moments that really matter in life are the moments when you are your genuine, raw self. Goofy, serious, joyful, quiet or loud, I believe that each person is beautiful in their own, unique way. Those are the moments that I capture, and those are the moments that you will want to remember in the future.


I currently live in Durham, England, and am available for international services throughout Europe. 


Always looking for new couples to photograph, and adventurers to travel with!


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